2020 Municipal Elections

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Every four (4) years the Municipality of Barrington conducts Municipal and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial Elections, along with Special Elections if an elected position needs to be filled between elections.

The next regular Municipal and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial Elections will be held October 17, 2020. Are you interested in running in this election?

Election Workers: Recruitment of election workers is now open; more information is available here.

Local government matters. When more Nova Scotians participate in local government, better decisions are made. This directly affects our quality of life.

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yourdecision.ca is a project dedicated to encouraging all Nova Scotians to become engaged in local politics through voting, volunteering on a campaign, or running for election. It's a partner project with the Local Government Program, College of Continuing Education, Dalhousie University and African Nova Scotian Affairs.

They have organized 4 Zoom sessions for those interested in learning more about local politics, running for election, and/or getting involved in community decision making.

For more information, contact Dani Coffey, Project Manager at  or visit https://yourdecision.ca/.

Contact Information

For more information on the election, contact our Returning Officer:

Cathy Clark