Information for Voters

The next regular election will be held October 17, 2020. Here you will find information on the requirements of being a voter as well as all of the infornation related to polling stations and voting day.

Who can vote in Municipal Elections?

  • You qualify to vote if you meet all of the following conditions:
  • You are 18 years of age or older and a Canadian citizen on the fist advance polling day;
  • You have been ordinarily resident in Nova Scotia for 6 months immediately before the first advance polling day;
  • You are ordinarily resident in the Municipality of Barrington and have been so since immediately before the first advance polling day; and
  • You are not otherwise disqualified to vote in the Municipal elections.

Disqualified persons

You are considered a disqualified person for the purpose of a municipal election if you are:

  • the municipal Returning Officer
  • a person serving a sentence in a penal or reform institution
  • a person who has been convicted of bribery under this Act in the six years preceding ordinary polling day


Voting is going to look different during the municipal election this Fall. We will still be administering a paper ballot election but safety precautions at in-person polling stations will be in place.

Protecting voters and election workers from spreading and being exposed to COVID-19 is very important to us and we believe that we can safely conduct an election while adhering to public health others with the appropriate staff, venue and equipment.

The province has worked with representatives from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and Elections Nova Scotia to develop the Covid-19 Guidelines for Municipalities to Administer an In-Person Election. We will be using these guidelines as a supporting document when considering the administration of our election and will provide updates in the coming weeks with specifics.

Premilimnary List of Electors

August 5, 2020

The Preliminary list of electors has been prepared for the upcoming elections. The Returning Officer may make additions or corrections to the list upon application by telephone, email, or in person by appointment. You can find out if you are on the list of electors by contacting our Returning Officer between the hours or 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday from August 7 to August 25 by phone at (902) 320-3509 or e-mail at .

You will be asked for your name, your address (both civic and mailing) and your date of birth.

Polling Stations On Election Day

The following nominations have been received in respect to the municipal elections to be held on October 17, 2020. Electors may vote between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm at locations listed below or at the advance polls.

District Candidates Election Day Polling Stations
  1. Goerge El-Jakl
  2. Wayne Malone
  3. Darren Perry
  • 1A Woods Harbour Community Hall
  • 1B Shag Harbour Community Hall
  1. Murray Atkinson
  2. Andrea Mood-Nickerson
  3. Mark Smith
  • 2A Barrington Ground Search and Rescue
  • 2B Municipal Administrative Centre
  • 2C Bayside Home (Mobile Polling Station)
  1. Shaun Hatfield
  2. Lewis Ross
  • 3A Island and Barrington Fire Dept.
  • 3B Newellton Community Hall
  1. Natasha Brown
  2. Eddie Nickerson
  • 4A Stoney Island Community Hall
  • 4B Evergreen Cemetery Club Hall
  1. Fred Bower
  2. Jody Crook
  3. Tricia Newell
  • 5A Municipal Building
  • 5B Port La Tour Baptist Church
  • 5C Port Clyde Community Hall
  1. Denise Babin
  2. Jeanelle d’Entremont
  3. Clyde DeViller
  4. Greg Foster
  • In your polling district.

N.B.: All polling stations are in a premises permitting convenient access by an elector with a disability.

Advance Polls

Any elector who expects that they cannot vote on ordinary polling day may vote at any of the  3 Advance Polling Stations on Saturday, October 10 or the 1 polling station on Tuesday, October 13.

Date Hours Locations
Saturday, October 10 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Shag Harbour Community Center, Shag Harbour
  • Island and Barrington Fire Hall, Centreville
  • Municipal Administrative Centre, Barrington
Tuesday, October 13 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Municipal Administrative Centre, Barrington

Polling Divisions

A polling division is a smaller geographic section of an electoral district, for which a list of electors is prepared and a polling station is set up on election day. Each electoral district has multiple polling divisions. Likewise, each district within the municipality is separated into polling divisions. These divisions indicate which polling station electors will visit to vote.

Polling Station Boundaries 
1A       Forbes Point, Charlesville, Upper, Central and Lower Woods Harbour.
1B  Shag Harbour, Lower Shag Harbour.
2A Bear Point, Atwoods Brook, Doctors Cove, Barrington Passage up to Civic # 3043, Highway 3.
2B  Sherose Island, Butlers Road, Wireless Station Road, Brass Hill and Highway 3 up to the Kayak Brook then Oak Park Road to Civic #152 and Factory Hill Road, Oak Park Road Civic #322 to 1093.
2C Bayside Home Residences Only.
3A North East Point and Centreville.
3B Newellton and Westhead .
4A Clam Point and Stoney Island.
4B South Side, Lower Clarks Harbour and The Hawk.
5A Villagedale, Kayak Brook up the River Road to the Esso, left to first entrance to Factory Hill Road and Kayak Brook going NE along Highway 3 and including, all civic numbers on the 103 including Goose Lake. 
5B Upper Port La Tour, Port La Tour, Smithsville, Baccaro and East/West Baccaro.
5C Port Clyde to the Clyde Bridge, Clyde River, Lower, Middle and Upper Clyde River and Port Clyde Bridge to the last house in Reynoldscroft.