Municipal Physical Activity

MPAL is Municipal Physical Activity Leader

Throughout Nova Scotia there are MPALs and MKPALs (Mi'kmaq Physical Activity Leader) working within communities to help raise the levels of physical activity. Each municipal unit takes a different approach and you will hear different job titles such as "Physical Activity Coordinator" or "Active Living Coordinator" but all are working towards the same ultimate goal.

The MPAL for the Municipality of Barrington and Town of Clark’s Harbour is Joel d'Entremont.

The Municipality of Barrington and the Town of Clark’s Harbour have developed a Physical Activity Strategic Plan in partnership with the Department of Communities Culture and Heritage, the plan is specifically targeted to the area and reflects the culture of the area.

The strategic plan caters to the entire population of the Municipality of Barrington and the Town of Clark’s Harbour. It will be implemented in stages over the next five years.

The 2012-2017 plan is now complete.

We are currently working on refreshing the strategic plan, to date there has been a telephone survey and a focus group.

See the results of the telephone survey: pdf Survey Results (880 KB)

Read the 2012-2017 plan!

Joel d'Entremont

Office Phone: 902-637-2015