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Welcome to the Active Living Page! Where we talk about living a healthy, active lifestyle here in the Municipality of Barrington


Make Your Move Campaign

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The board chair of The Healthy Tomorrow Foundation, Dr. Alex Mitchell was on CTV News for a interview about the Make your Move campaign. Click on the link to listen!

The Healthy Tomorrow Foundation has launched the "Make your Move" Campaign. This is a public awarness campaign designed to encourage Nova Scotians to move more throughout the entire day. Their goal is to inspire people to think about movement differently and recognize that it's easy to do. Their website has blogs about some of awesome people in our province doing neat things to increase movement! Check it out by clicking here

Are you looking at making your move in Barrington? Here are some areas that are easy to explore and get active! Remember, the best piece of exercise ever invented is YOU!


ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge

The month of June is the ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge. This challenge is to crown Canadas Most Active Community! Last year, Barrington finished second place in Nova Scotia, and top 50 in all of Canada. This year, we are working on becoming first in the province, and maintain top 50 status in Canada. To participate in this challenge, all you need to do is download the ParticipACTION app and create a account and start tracking your movement minutes. You can also create a account online and register your minutes on your computer. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for communtiy events relating to physical activity. We are also hosting a team challenge where people can create teams of 8 on the participACTION app and can track their movement miniutes weekly. The team with the highest average minutes will be the winner. For more information on the team challenge click here

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walk_flyerresized.pngBenefits of walking

Are you aware of all the benefits walking has to your body? Take a look at these facts! 

Looking for some resources on walking more! Check out the NS Walks website:  This website has some videos on stretches you can do, some inspirational videos and information on starting your own walking group, and some information how YOU can become a walking leader in your community!













Outdoor Unstructured Play in Barrington 

pic 1 resizeThe Municipality of Barrington values the importance of outdoor unstructured play. When we are talking about outdoor unstructured play, we are referring to risky play and nature play. This play normally happens where natural elements are present- such as water and mud, rocks, sticks, hills, forests, and natural loose parts such as pine cones, leaves, grass etc. This sort of play is self-directed and exploratory. This means that the child is in charge of the play and directs how they are playing.    This sort of play includes some element of risk. Outdoor play provides thrilling and exciting forms of play that involve uncertainty and the potential for physical injury- which can be good. It is good for children to test their limits, explore boundaries and learn about injury risk. Click here for more information on an overview of risky play.

playing with tires resized2Another way the Municipality of Barrington is supporting outdoor unstructured play is through our Loose Parts Play shed initiative. We currently have one Loose Parts Play Shed located at the Sherose Island Playground. The Shed houses plenty of Loose Parts items such as tires, stumps, ropes, tunnels, crates, cooking supplies, etc. The reason loose parts play is important for children is because the items allow the kids to be in charge of the play. They can use and adopt the equipment as they please, which enhances their creativity and development. Loose parts play also develops problem-solving skills and competencies needed for later academic skills. If you want to learn more about loose parts play, click here.

Check out this infographic on the adult's role in supervising outdoor unstructured play by clicking here

Staying active at your home

Are you and your children looking at ways to stay active at home? Click here for some ideas to be active in your backyard! Click here 

Paddling in The Municipality of Barrington

Are you looking at places to paddle in the Municipality of Barrington? Check out these spots to launch your boats! *All of these locations are on the Ocean*

Contact your Physical Activity Coordinator

Joel d'Entremont

Office Phone: 902-637-2015 EXT 237