List of Committees 2022/2023

Committees of Council
Committee of the Whole Council Warden   ALL
Planning Advisory Committee (3)                                               

Jody Crook Chair   

Cecil Swimm Vice

Jessica Swaine               

Trudy Peterson     

 Bobbi Maxwell   (Expires Mar. 31/24)

Eddie Nickerson

Jody Crook

George El-Jakl

Audit Committee (3)        

      Citizen Members (2)     min.                 


Donna LeBlanc-Messenger 

Amanda Lloyd


(all 2 year positions - expires April 1/23)

Eddie Nickerson

Jody Crook

Andrea Mood-Nickerson

Joint EMO Executive Committee(2)                                 Town of Clark’s Harbour Reps 

Eddie Nickerson

George El-Jakl

Joint Police Advisory Board(2)                    

Penny Duggan

Cindy Nickerson

Eddie Nickerson

Jody Crook

NS Marathon Committee (Ad hoc committee created Sept 12/18  

Shaun Hatfield (Citizen Rep)

Amanda Nippard

Colin Wickens

Gerilyn Crowell

Scott Symonds

Sasha Crowell

Talent Wilson

Brandi Nickerson

Andrea Mood-Nickerson citizen rep

Melanie d'Entremont

Jody Crook

Eddie Nickerson

Recreation Advisory Committee


District#1 Vacant
District#2 Nicole Nickerson
District#3 Charla Strang
District#4 Jonathan Langille
District#5 Steve Kelly
Town of CH Vacant
(2 years - expires Oct. 31, 2023)

Jody Crook
Andrea Mood-Nickerson
Alternate - George El-Jakl

Accessibility Advisory Council

 George El-Jakl Chair

Denise Nickerson Vice Chair

Loretta Nickerson - SASI

Boyd Hilton Scott

Denise Nickerson - Southwest Employment Services

Term expires 2 years from first meeting - March 31/23

Eddie Nickerson

Shaun Hatfield

George El-Jakl

Committees where Council has Financial Interest

Region 6 Waste (1)               

Andrea Mood-Nickerson

Alternate - Jody Crook

Western REN Liaison and Oversight Committee   Eddie Nickerson          Alternate – Shaun Hatfield
Western Counties Regional Library (1)     Shaun Hatfield
Outside Committees to which Council appoints a Councillor
Roseway Hospital Charitable Foundation (1)           Eddie Nickerson
Yarmouth Hospital Charitable Foundation (1)      Shaun Hatfield 
Barrington Municipal/Clark’s Harbour Town Satellite Dialysis Clinic Committee

 Clark's Harbour - (2) Representatives

Public Members:

Lee Goreham-Smith

Courtney Rennehan

Eunice Rennehan

Timm Smith

David Cleaver

Brenda Cleaver

Jody Crook

Shaun Hatfield

Shelburne County Housing Coalition        Shaun Hatfield
Barrington Municipal Exhibition Committee   Andrea Mood-Nickerson

Outside Committees to which Council Appoints Citizen Representation

Bay Side Home Board of Directors                   

Town of Clark's Hbr Rep

Brenda Maxwell

Renata Monteiro

Carrie-Dawn Weeks

 Bradley Pass

Wendy Carmichael

Andrea Mood-Nickerson

Lynn Ensor

Western Regional HousingAuthority                Cecil Swimm
Exp. Sept 25/23