Volunteer Fire Fighter Recruitment

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Would you like a challenging and rewarding volunteer experience?

Barrington Municipal Fire Service (BMFS) is an organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting property through fire prevention, suppression and public education. We are committed to continuous learning and superior customer service. If you like helping people, appreciate continuous learning, and are physically fit, you may be an ideal candidate for a position as a volunteer firefighter.

What do volunteer firefighters do?

Successfully complete Volunteer Firefighter Recruit Training and then an average of 15-25 hours/month of additional training, emergency responses and meetings. In addition to the above duties they will:
• Perform firefighting duties and other related work as required.
• Respond to and work in all types of weather under less than ideal conditions.
• Work in a safe manner, in accordance with all applicable Acts, Regulations, Policies.
• Participate in community events as required.
• Carry a pager and respond to emergencies when available.
• Participate in scheduled training.
• Be conscientious and dependable.

Where can I volunteer?

BMFS is currently recruiting volunteers in the following areas:
• Woods Harbour Shag Harbour Volunteer Fire Department. Station 1.
• Island & Barrington Passage Volunteer Fire Department. Station 3.
• Barrington/Port La Tour Volunteer Fire Department. Station 4.

What qualifications do I need?

• Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status.
• Ability to communicate in English.
• Normal vision and hearing.
• Physically and medically fit.
• No phobias of confined heights or spaces.
• Must be 16 years of age.

We can provide you with

• Free Level I Firefighting training.   **High school students who join and complete their level 1 training qualify for a High School Personal Development Credit. More information on this credit can be found at https://www.ednet.ns.ca/cbl/personal-development-credits
• First Aid and CPR training.
• Other training if required. (Class 3 licence, Pump Operators, etc.)
• Life Insurance.

The Volunteer Firefighter intake process consists of the following steps.

• Completion of the application.
• Voted in by the members of the Station you are applying for at a regular monthly meeting.
• Training.
• Graduation

How do I apply to become a Volunteer Firefighter?

Please contact Dwayne Hunt, Fire Service Coordinator at 902-637-2015 or email  

  pdf Download the Membership Application here (134 KB)