Waste By-Law Review


It has been 11 years since the Municipality’s Collection, Storage and Disposal of Waste By-Law (No. 8) has been reviewed and our residential and commercial landscape has evolved significantly since then. For this reason, the Municipality is updating its Waste By-Law to make it more responsive to our residents and businesses.

By-Law reviews are complex, technical and time-consuming, requiring a high level of attention to detail and a thorough understanding of:

  • the community’s needs;
  • council’s priorities;
  • applicable technologies and trends;
  • potential gaps in the existing by-law;
  • new or amended legislation; and
  • resource implications of implementation.

The Waste By-Law Review Project will review and update the By-Law, considering specifically the:

  • frequency of collection
  • disposal limits
  • use of black bags
  • collection of commercial waste
  • collection of industry specific waste (i.e. seafood, tourism, RV)
  • offering of special collections (i.e. metal, wood, Christmas tree, spring/fall, bulky items)
  • fines for discouraging improper separation and disposal


The review process will be separated in six phases that include a total of 36 key steps. The phases are:

  1. Scoping
  2. Research and Analysis
  3. Consultation
  4. Development of New By-Law and Assosciated Report
  5. Committee and Council
  6. Implementation

For more information on each phase, click here for the framework.




Project Contact

For questions about this project, contact Chris Frotten, Chief Administrative Officer, at .