Atlantic Fisheries Fund

Atlantic Fisheries Fund

The Atlantic Fisheries Fund is a contribution program funded jointly by the federal, provincial and territorial governments. It will invest more than $400 million over 7 years.

The program aims to help Atlantic Canada's seafood sector transition to meet growing market demands for products that are:

  • high quality
    value added
    sustainably sourced

The federal government will provide 70% of the funding, and 30% will come from participating Atlantic provinces.

Atlantic component

The Atlantic component will focus on 3 pillars.

  • Innovation encourages the development of new products and technologies in the harvesting, aquaculture and processing sectors.
    Infrastructure encourages new technologies and processes to improve sustainability.
    Science partnerships form industry-based collaborations with academia and other research institutions to improve our knowledge and understanding.

Funding is available for projects that meet the eligibility and assessment criteria in:

Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland and Labrador

Market access and development national component

As part of the broader Atlantic Fisheries Fund, there will be a national component supporting market access and development of Canada.

Funding will be available for projects that meet the eligibility criteria across Canada, in participating provinces and territories.

Applications for this component will be available at a later date.


To help us identify and promote projects of mutual interest, we'll work with provincial and territorial governments to engage:

Indigenous groups
non-governmental organizations
industry and industry associations
scientific and academic communities

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