Barrington Council Approves 2021/2022 Budgets

BARRINGTON, NS, - The Municipality of the District of Barrington approved their 2021/2022 municipal budgets during their Regular Council meeting held on April 26, 2021.

CAO Chris Frotten explains that “the budget is one of the most important documents produced by the Municipality and both Council and Staff have worked hard to put together a document with COVID-19 impacts in mind, while maintaining municipal services and also making the necessary investments to help meet the future needs of our municipality.”

After reviewing all of the relevant information, including its strategic plan and priorities, and taking into consideration the continued impacts of COVID-19, Council carefully deliberated on the budget before setting rates and developing future capital project plans.

The largest projects planned for this fiscal year are the completion of the new recreation centre to replace the existing, renovations to the Municipal Administrative Centre, including accessibility upgrades, a new Public Works building to replace the existing, the completion of the improved internet project in Eastern Barrington, and upgrades to the Brass Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The residential tax rate will increase by $0.02 to $1.07 per $100 of assessment, and the commercial rate will stay the same at $2.56 per $100 of assessment. The total expenditures for the Municipality of the District of Barrington for the 2021-2022 fiscal year are budgeted at just under $13.5 million dollars. This includes approximately $2.1 million for policing and other protective services, $1.4 million for education, $4.8 million in capital investments and $1.1 million for solid waste collection and disposal.

Warden Eddie Nickerson explains that “mandatory and operating expenses are outpacing our revenues and with an aging and declining population and aging infrastructure, the future will have its challenges. For this reason, Council reviewed its services and has increased its residential rate to better reflect rising costs and save and build appropriately for the future. We take this decision very seriously, which is why long-term planning, and an efficient use of resources are fundamental to achieving the necessary outcomes for growth and the delivery of services.”

Council is very excited to be moving forward on a number of projects that will see much needed improvements to capital assets and proper planning for future projects. A copy of the detailed budget and highlights can be found on the municipal website.