Community Litter Cleanup Day

News Release – May 17, 2017

Municipality of Barrington launches Community Litter Cleanup Day

The Municipality of Barrington will hold the first Community Litter Cleanup, on Saturday, May 27 from 9am to 12pm. This event will help beautify our community and reduce the impact of litter on our environment. The campaign is meant to encourage residents to get involved and help keep their community tidy.

The Community Litter Cleanup is being led by the Municipality of Barrington’s Council and Staff and the public are encouraged to take part by cleaning up a section in their own district.

Garbage bags and gloves will be provided in each district, and the Municipality’s Property Services team will pick up any garbage collected on the day.

Warden, Eddie Nickerson said: "We can all make a difference in our community and for the environment by not littering. We hope this Community Litter Cleanup Day will raise awareness that everyone has to do their part to help keep our Municipality clean, safe and beautiful. We are encouraging residents to join us for the benefit of our whole Municipality”

People are encouraged to take part in Community Litter Cleanup Day along with friends and family, businesses, schools or community groups.

Supplies can be picked up in the following locations on May 27 from 9AM until 11AM:

District 1 – Wood’s Habour Fire Hall

District 2 – Ground Search & Rescue building

District 3 & 4 – Island/Barrington Passage Fire Hall

District 5 – Barrington/Port La Tour Fire Hall


Locations to drop off bags of garbage:

District 1 : Woods Harbour Ball Field, Woods Harbour Fire Hall, Shag Harbour UFO Site

District 2 : Ground Search and Rescue Building

Districts 3 and 4 : Island and Barrington Passage Fire Hall. Drinking Brook Park, Fisherman’s Park (Old Geneva’s Restaurant Site)

District 5 : Barrington/ Port La Tour Fire Department, Old Port La Tour Fire Department, Port Clyde Fire Department


A free BBQ will be held at Island View Park at noon for all those who participated.


For more information on the Community Litter Cleanup Day, please phone the Municipal Office at 902-637-2015.

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