Policy Revision Notification

Council at their last meeting revised the following policies: 

Low Income Property Tax Exemption Policy 

Changes to the Low Income Property Tax Exemption Policy include the following: 

Deadline for applications is February 28th.

Proof of household income must be provided.

Previous years taxes must be paid in full.

The exemption only applies to the property owner’s principal place of residence occupied by him or her. 

The entire Policy may be viewed on here.


Policy 70 – Municipal Floating Dock Policy was also revised. 

Changes include the following: 

Allowable docking or mooring period has been reduced from 12 hours to 45 minutes.

The Queen of Hearts Dory Club has been allowed one space at the floating dock and if necessary, may tie a second dory to the first one.  There is no time restriction on the berth occupied by the Queen of Hearts Dory Club. 

The entire policy may be viewed here.