Public Participation Meeting

In accordance with Section 205(4) of the Municipal Government Act and the Public Participation Program Policy of the Municipality of the District of Barrington, the Planning Advisory Committee will hold a Public Participation Meeting to discuss and receive oral and written presentations from the public concerning the following:

Proposed amendments to the Land Use By-law to clarify and strengthen current regulations relating to agricultural uses such as differentiating between agriculture activity which is accessory to a main residential use versus primary use of land and standards for various types of agricultural activities and structures (barns, pastures, manure storage areas, etc.).

Additional information on proposed amendments to the Land Use By-law is available at the Municipal Office, at the address listed below.

The meeting will be held in the Multi Purpose Room, in the Administrative Centre, located at 2447 Highway 3, Barrington, NS at 7:00 p.m., on Thursday, August 26, 2021.