September 14 Update - Water Issues

Water Issues Update for Barrington Municipality

To date we have had approximately 200 homes call to let us know that they are without water, and the weather doesn’t look like it will help us much in the near future.

If your well is dry please let the Municipal office know so that we can get a very clear picture of how many are affected by this exceptionally dry summer, and what further actions may need to be taken.

(902) 637-2015


A number of people are now receiving help by having the Fire Departments fill up fish boxes.

This water must not be used for anything but flushing toilets. The Municipality or the Fire Departments can not guarantee the purity of the water being delivered.

Please take advantage of the services that are currently being provided by the Municipality.

Washing Machines

The Municipality has set up four washing machines on drilled well water sources. Three are located at the Ground Search and Rescue Building and are available from 5-9pm each evening, and a fourth is located at the arena and available when the arena is open.

Water Delivery

Fire Departments have offered assistance to fill large containers at people’s homes. This water is not treated, and could only be used for flushing toilets or possibly washing clothes. Home owner is responsible for obtaining large tanks/ fish boxes. If you are interested in having water delivered to a large container please contact the Municipal Office (902 637-2015).

Fish Boxes

A number of companies have offered the temporary use of fish boxes for placing at a person’s home to have filled by fire departments. Please contact the Municipal Office if you wish to be added to the list to receive an available fish box. Those families completely out of water will be given priority.

Showers at Arena

The showers are available at the Arena for public use when the arena is open.

Drinking Water

The Municipality has a supply of drinking water at the Ground Search and Rescue Building

(3329 Hwy 3) to be given to residents. Pick up times will be 5-9pm.

Water Fill Stations

There are taps by the RV Dumping Station at the Sherose Island Rec Complex where residents can fill buckets. This water is NOT TREATED, and should only be used for flushing toilets/ washing clothes.

There are also hoses or water fill stations available outside at Island Barrington Fire Department, Barrington/ Port Latour Fire Department, and Port Clyde Fire Department.

Compiling list of those with Issues

Please continue to let us know what your situation is like, and if there are other ways the Municipality or someone else may be able to help. This is a very caring community and there are those that have offered to help. Please also remember to check on your neighbours, especially those living alone or most vulnerable.

We know that nothing will solve this issue like steady rain, but it is our hope that these fixes will help to some degree.

Barrington Municipal Council

For further info contact:

Rob Frost

Chief Administrative Officer

Municipality of the District of Barrington

902 637-2015

September 14, 2016